Customer trust for your business is based upon the quality of your brand


Your brand is the DNA of your business. Its the set of ideas that your company or products stand for in people's minds. It is shaped by your companys actions and personality as well as the service and quality of your products.

We make it recognisable through its visual and verbal style ensuring your brand promise is portrayed effectively. By constantly delivering on your brand promise you build upon key intangible yet emotive factors that build trust.

Delivering trust through your brand

Brands can no longer hide behind a facade of logo and image. To succeed and develop there has to be a strong component of Trust.

Trust, however, cannot be seen or bought off the shelf it’s an intangible asset, it has to be earned. So how can we help this process?

By understanding the factors that influence customers to come back time and time again trust can be built.

Research by Maister and Green (Harvard Business School) has revealed that trust can be broken into the 4 key components. They established that when your brand consists of all of the 4 components; Credibility, Reliability, Intimacy, and Low self-orientation (= Trust) then the result can be an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Focussing on these 4 key silos helps build strong bonds between customers and your brand. Managed well this process should result in bottom line benefits.

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