'77% of large businesses feel design has continued to contribute more to their competitiveness'.*


Your business DNA

Our DNA consultation process provides a unique opportunity to review how you are compared to your competitors and ‘perceived’ by your customers. 

The development of our DNA process allows us to provide expert, objective and independent analysis about your business and your business brand and marketing. Who are your customers?  What should they expect from you?  How do they feel in dealing with you?

We look at how this fits with your objectives and define a visual direction to better align you with your customers and business vision.

Our DNA process delivers a 360Ëšunderstanding of;

  • your business from inside out
  • your business from outside in
  • your business DNA alignment

The outcome, sometimes surprising, provides a solid foundation on which future brand development, design and communication can be driven.

How our DNA process works


We get to know your company inside out through impartial analysis.

  • Review business desires, values and business goals
  • Review messaging and story that underpins the business beliefs
  • We get to understand your pain points
  • Review and update existing communication


We get to understand customer and supplier impressions of you.

  • We uncover in confidence, impartial information about customer opinion, understanding, and attitudes towards your business.
  • Reveal where customer relationships and loyalty can be improved
  • What your business is good at
  • Expose new business opportunities


We investigate competitors, services, products, and communication, and explore online competence.

We compare against your DNA profile

  • Define what is special about you
  • Search for ways of improving your recognition
  • Examine ways of encouraging customer response to you


Our process helps to affirm what is special about you,

We call this your unique ‘DNA gene’

We use it to define your brand build customer loyalty and separate you from your competitors.

This Unique DNA Gene becomes the foundation of communicating inside and outside your business.


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*Value of Design Factfinder report - Design Council


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