Operating across the Midlands and in London, we are driven to help businesses compete more effectively.


Our mission

Working as your partner, our aim is to understand you, and how you appear to the outside world. Only then can we help you stand out from your competitors and improve your reputation, sales and profitability.

We achieve this through combining our DNA process with market relevant communication and brand design. 


Our DNA process

Our considerable experience has revealed how design solutions are often based on a subjective hunch, guesswork or someone's gut feeling.

At brandmotive, our actions and recommendations are based on something much more fundamental – what the world thinks of you!

By employing our DNA process (Desires Needs and Actions), we deliver an evidence-based approach to resolving design and branding issues.

The DNA process often reveals a substantial difference between what you believe the outside world thinks of you and the reality.

By applying this bespoke DNA 'insight' of your business, we help you to align business desires with communication actions that meet your customer's needs.

The DNA process benefits your business by delivering:
• A clearer understanding of internal and external attitudes to your business
• Tangible information to guide change and development
• Clarity of what you are good at, allowing you to build on your strengths
• Opportunities to improve customer service
• New business opportunities

Through a better understanding of what the world thinks of you, your hunches, guesswork or 'gut' feelings are transformed into something objective, much more powerful and business relevant.

Once agreed, we use our expertise to deliver on your DNA insight by reviewing and realigning your business identity, website and communication with the outside world.

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